The Chocolate Moose

FinishedCustom BarCustom bar, cabinetry and furniture at The Chocolate Moose restaurant in northern Minnesota.

The bar is constructed from urban knotty cherry. Urban lumber is a virtually untapped resource of some of the finest and most wasted lumber throughout the United States. (For more information on urban lumber visit It is finished with a custom black antiqued finish, which results in a beautiful rustic contemporary feel.

Douglas Fir tabletops

The reclaimed Douglas Fir used on the bar tops and tables, is salvaged from ammunition plants built by the United States during World War 2. The buildings were disassembled, and Wilderness Woodworks was fortunate enough to be a part of the project. We now give new life to this beautiful original growth Douglas Fir.

Wilderness Woodworks is a custom woodworking company. We do all of our unique designs in house. All of our pieces are approached as works of art, and we build each and every piece with an uncompromising eye to detail and quality. Most of our work is created from locally harvested urban, salvaged, and reclaimed lumber.

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