I must thank you for your mission of using reclaimed and urban wood as a major component in many of your works. I've been waving the banner of urban wood use, a virtually untapped resource that is otherwise wasted after a tree must be removed. Hand drawn renderings that put our ideas on paper. The result of your attention to detail on paper lead us to realize the most stunning built-in book shelves, as well as the custom bath vanity, and matching mirror comes the creation of fine furniture with old world attention to detail.

In dealing with Jacen James of Wilderness Woodworks, we've found him to be exactly what he claims, an artisan that enjoys seeing the beauty in wood come alive.

Testimonial from Jim Tresouthick of Custer Park, Il.


Recyle symbolTimeless beauty and Eco friendly creations made from reclaimed and recycled wood. By using reclaimed and urban lumber, we can create beautiful structurely sound woodwork, while helping to reduce our carbon footprint!!

Urban lumber is a virtually untapped resource of some of the finest and most wasted lumber throughout the United States. (For more information on urban lumber visit illinoisurbanwood.org)

Rustic Table